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In your carbon balance different areas of your life from heating to miscellaneous consumption are being considered. It not only tells you your personal carbon footprint, but also the avoidance you achieved as well as a carbon handprint, which quantifies your positive impact on the climate by enabling others to avoid emissions.

Carbon footprints in comparison

carbon footprint: 10.78 t
German average: 10.78 t

carbon footprint

The personal carbon footprint shows how many tonnes of CO2 equivalents are emitted due to your current lifestyle.

In addition to CO2, the greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide are taken into account, which are converted into CO2 equivalents with the corresponding climate impact. The additional non-CO2-related climate impact of flying is also taken into account.

In order to assess your carbon footprint, the German average is always displayed for comparison.

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Find out how your behaviour affects your future carbon footprint and avoidance and what influence the transition to renewable energy, increased energy efficiency or higher electricity prices have on meeting Germany's climate targets.

<b>Scenario:</b> Electricity Scenario: Electricity Result
My views on climate action
Result Today Short-term Medium-term Germany 2050
carbon footprint 0.54 t0.00 t 0.54 t0.00 t 0.54 t0.00 t 0.37 t0.00 t
avoidance 0.00 t 0.00 t0.00 t 0.00 t0.00 t 0.16 t0.00 t
carbon handprint 0.00 t0.00 t 0.00 t0.00 t 0.00 t0.00 t

Save the current status of your calculation if you want to edit it later, send it to friends or post it in a social network. The data is available for you to retrieve for a period of 18 months. If you do not retrieve the data during this period, it will be deleted.

Please record the status of the calculation, this information is for statistical purposes only.

None of us are truely average. Therefore, we would like to get a more accurate picture of your living circumstances to put your carbon balance into context. By voluntarily entering some additional information, you can make an important contribution to further the anonymous, scientific evaluation of carbon balances! Your help is much appreciated!