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Start your carbon balance with information about your household.
With how many people do you share your accommodation and how big is the entire living space? This information is important because the carbon emissions calculated from annual consumption as well as the avoided emissions are later divided between all household members.
In Germany, the construction and renovation of housing accounts for around 40 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year. These emissions are allocated to each German resident based on the type of building and year of construction or the standard of refurbishment respectively.
Select the type of heating via the energy source.
You can find the annual consumption on a bill for your ancillary rental costs or on the annual statement from your energy supplier. If you don't have these to hand at the moment, you can also use questionnaire to get an estimate of your annual energy consumption.


The carbon footprint is calculated from emissions for the building itself and from the combustion of fossil fuels (e.g. oil or gas), taking into account upstream processes.
avoidance is calculated from renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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My carbon scenario

In your carbon scenario you can now look to the future. Answer questions about changes you're planning, new habits and even investments. On the basis of your carbon balance today the projections are carried out, up to what the German average would be in 2050.


Your carbon scenario picks up where you've left off in your carbon balance.


Personal changes in the next 5 years are reflected in your short term scenario.


A more climate-friendly society and your personal changes then lead to a medium-term scenario covering the next 10 to 15 years.

Germany 2050

Your acceptance of long-term climate protection measures and the corresponding policies then lead to a projected German average value for the year 2050.

Save the current status of your calculation if you want to edit it later, send it to friends or post it in a social network. The data is available for you to retrieve for a period of 18 months. If you do not retrieve the data during this period, it will be deleted.

Please record the status of the calculation, this information is for statistical purposes only.

None of us are truely average. Therefore, we would like to get a more accurate picture of your living circumstances to put your carbon balance into context. By voluntarily entering some additional information, you can make an important contribution to further the anonymous, scientific evaluation of carbon balances! Your help is much appreciated!